Abacus Nesting Table Set of 3

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  • Perfect to optimize space in the house, keep them folded into 1 and when you need more, u have 3, voila!
  • Standard thickness is 0.75 inches, it comes in laminated MDF, and 1.5 inches thick is also available in SOLID shesham wood (Tali), it is also available.
  • Extremely versatile, can be used as stool(s), center table(s) , side table(s), small study table + stool for children. Sit on the small one n eat/study on the bigger one.
  • Please refer to the image of details for dimensions.
  • Material: Sheesham MDF/Sheesham Solid wood (Taali).
  • Each of the tables/stools can support a weight of up to 140 kgs
  • No assembly required, comes assembled, as it is. Please note that the price is not for one table, the price is for the set of 3.