Beta wire holder

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This cable and wire organizer is a perfect clip for cable management at home. Your laptop, dextop, and workstation will now remain organized. This wire organizer organizes cables to avoid tangling wires.

You can stick it onto your bed side table and now the wire will not fall again and again on the ground. This is made with premium material which is elastic and durable as well. It is soft and will not damage your wires even if u pull the wires through it repeatedly. This self-adhesive wire holder sticks onto any surface with a double-sided adhesive on its back, you just have to paste it like a sticker and the adhesive is so strong that it will not leave its place easily. It is designed for easy installation at home without the need for any hammer or screwdriver.


  • Material: Silicon plastic
  • Self-adhesive.
  • Easy to install: peel-off paste with 3M adhesive
  • It can be fixed on any clean surface with its adhesive
  • Suitable for power cords, charging cables, USB cables, mobile phone cables, type-c cables, micro cables, audio cables, wired headsets, telephone wire, mouse wire, lamp wire, etc.
  • Applicable to cables with a maximum diameter
  • Cable holder, wire holder, smart cable organizer, Self-adhesive cable holder, wire clip.