Nora Shelves Set of 2

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This is a large sized decorative wall shelf. Despite its elegant looks, it can take the load of heavy objects. You can use this shelf as a bookshelf to place a large number of books in a beautiful and unique way. You may also use this shelf in your kitchen or bedroom to place multiple objects, and can also use it to place decoration pieces in your lounge or drawing room

Unlike others in the market, this shelf's hanging hardware is not visible when it's installed. Sixthgalleria offers exclusive and simple hanging hardware, which is custom-made at Sixthgalleria, which ensures that once the shelf is installed its hanging hardware is not visible from any side and is completely hidden at the back of the shelf. Its installation hardware will come along with the shelf so you don't have to buy anything extra to install this at your home. The installation is also easy. 

Sixthgalleria offers 3 colors in this design, white, black, and walnut brown. You can choose the color from the drop-down menu.


Size: 8" x 33'' x 8"


Material: Engineered Wood (Laminated MDF/CB)